Reclaimed floors

2L architecture
2L architecture
2L architecture

Art/Deco’s fame has been established with these exceptionally beautiful “aged” parquets: because of their wonderful “distressed” treatment and their brilliant finishing colours.

Yes! Art/Deco’s floors are made of European oak of the best quality, as we as a company are very much caring about nature, and hence only use certified woods. The Floor obtains a wonderful distressed surface before being finished and patinated, manufactured ready to install.

Non Aged Floors


To live with a beautiful parquet gives one a vital energy and an incomparable emotion.

Natural oak, a choice of young and elegant colours...what more? This floor is right for you! For a life in softness.

This collection” consists of parquet woods that are not aged, but patinated in 17 contemporary colours : mixing simplicity with a touch of sophistication. These 17 colours come finished, ready to install.
With “the non aged floors” the same patinas as those of “the Aged” are used,
All 17 are finished with high-resistand hardwax oil.

“the non aged floors” exists either in plain oak or in so-called engineered version, always in great respect of nature. 
This collection carefully uses quality materials and specific processing technology. Keep in mind: this new collection represents quality at an affordable price. It’s an intelligent buy, for sure.

Luxury of metal

A unique occasion to be highly creative: look at its surprising reflection, while it keeps its wood structure.


Yes! Art/Deco’s metalised floors are made of a thin layer of pure metal on a wooden, structured surface. After the metal is applied we sand and polish the surface several times to make it shiny and give its remarkable glossy aspect, while the wood pattern stays apparent.

It is not a metal paint, it is an application of pure metal in cold and liquid form by a patented process. It does not conduct electricity and it is non-galvanic. It can easily be cleaned, and it is foot-traffic resistant.
Enjoy the sensuality of the metalised flooring.
Art/Deco’s unique metalised floors are installed in outstanding locations, private as well as project. The creativity and possibilities of the metalisation is beyond limits.

Silver Look Metal
Silver Look Metal
stylish walls

Panels & Decorative Floors

decorative panels
Bossa Nova
Point de Hongrie - Chevron - Hongaars Punt

The superb beauty of the classic  "STYLE PANELS"    


The subtle pattern of  "HERRINGBONE AND ‘CHEVRON"


The geometrical pattern of the "LEOPARD SQUARES"


The personality of the "LADDER MOTIF"


From Large to extra Small "XS"


The hand sanded floors  "BOSSA NOVA" and "ANTIC"


Among the most famous types of parquet flooring, the Versailles panel would be the first to come in mind. Obviously prevalent in the prestigious Château de Versailles, the Versailles panel has been also largely used in a lot of other castles and bourgeois houses.

Roubo de Mazerolles, a cabinetmaker of the 18th century, has codified the making of those panels to a large extent. His major work is “L’Art de la Menuiserie” (1769).