Do you care about the difference? We do.

Art/Deco is a Belgian company, that produces and markets its products. It is part of the French Groupe Lambert, which unites a range of companies that specialise in different aspects of the wood and oak trade and manufacturing, since 50 years in the north of France, the “Ardennes Françaises”. Art/Deco is a manufacturer of high-end custom crafted wooden floors. Our belief is that there are no limits, no boundaries. The founding concept of the floors came from the old parquets found in old castles and country houses in Europe. It took research into the ancient methods of fashioning and maintaining the old floors, matched with the technologies of today to recreate the style. Art/Deco merges the technical mastery of professional parqueteers with the sensibility of contemporary designers.  



“Art/Deco embraces the challenge of sustainability, focusing on what matters most. This created an opportunity to unleash our creative energy in innovative ways to enhance the environmental
performance of our products.”


“Some of the basic objectives of the company `strive for the highest quality through an excellent combination of industrial technology and artisan manufacturing procedures.”


“Each one of our wooden floors or parquets is an exercise in the choice of valuable wood, aspects of surface treatments and colour shades. We are proud to be able to say that our prices do reflect a real long-term value.”