With more and stronger demand for environmentally-friendly products, Art/Deco is in a good position: our floors are an upscale and quite luxurious option that proves stylish and ‘good to the earth‘ can go hand in hand. We follow nature’s trail. Our woods come from sustainable, rapidly renewable European forests. Our foresters ensure that we use only the appropriate timbers which meet the standards of proper forestry management. We treat and craft them in a way we have alway scherished: in a natural way. For centuries the forest has always been a mystery. Wild and untamed as it is, and will continue to be, it represents nature in its purest form. It covers one third of the earth. The forest biome must at all costs be preserved. While we try to tame it, to discover its rich resources and precious woods, it must be treated with the greatest respect and reverence. Art/Deco and its parent company Lambert & Company, are well aware of the need to treat forests well and have signed in and endorse fully the worldwide and independent PEFC-program, which certifies that we as an industry guarantee our woods come from sustainable and environmentally protected forests. Moreover, Art/Deco thinks of its products in a highly creative way. We associate them with the place where they come from: nature. We are convinced with the idea that we have to respect Nature’s gifts. Wood floors are a gift from nature at it’s grandest. Its tactile, sensorial surfaces. Its splendid, rich colours, nature-inspired hues. Style with a conscience.



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