Luxury of metal

The sensuality of metalised floors

A unique occasion to be highly creative: look at its surprising reflection, while it keeps its wood structure.


Yes! Art/Deco’s metalised floors are made of a thin layer of pure metal on a wooden, structured surface. After the metal is applied we sand and polish the surface several times to make it shiny and give its remarkable glossy aspect, while the wood pattern stays apparent.

It is not a metal paint, it is an application of pure metal in cold and liquid form by a patented process. It does not conduct electricity and it is non-galvanic. It can easily be cleaned, and it is foot-traffic resistant.
Enjoy the sensuality of the metalised flooring.
Art/Deco’s unique metalised floors are installed in outstanding locations, private as well as project. The creativity and possibilities of the metalisation is beyond limits.

Maintenance and Protection

ART/DECO has an extensive range of premium products to protect and maintain your floor.

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Intensif Maintenance
Protection Products
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