Panels & Decorative Floors

Beautiful decorative Floors

The superb beauty of the classic  "STYLE PANELS"    


The subtle pattern of  "HERRINGBONE AND ‘CHEVRON"


The geometrical pattern of the "LEOPARD SQUARES"


The personality of the "LADDER MOTIF"


From Large to extra Small "XS"


The hand sanded floors  "BOSSA NOVA" and "ANTIC"


Among the most famous types of parquet flooring, the Versailles panel would be the first to come in mind. Obviously prevalent in the prestigious Château de Versailles, the Versailles panel has been also largely used in a lot of other castles and bourgeois houses.

Roubo de Mazerolles, a cabinetmaker of the 18th century, has codified the making of those panels to a large extent. His major work is “L’Art de la Menuiserie” (1769).

Maintenance and Protection

ART/DECO has an extensive range of premium products to protect and maintain your floor.

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